Pet Surgery in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Sea Oats Animal Hospital has a fully trained and compassionate staff that can perform advanced pet surgery techniques. Your animal companion will receive the very best care possible from our surgical team. If your pet has been diagnosed with a condition that requires surgery, we hope you’ll call on us to perform the operation.

Pet Surgery in Ponte Vedra Beach

We are equipped to perform tumor removal surgery, removal of foreign objects, repair of broken limbs, internal surgeries, and much more in our surgical suite. Pet surgery is generally a drop-off procedure. You drop your pet off at the scheduled time. We perform preliminary exams such as blood work to ensure that your pet will not experience unwanted complications during surgery.

Anesthesia is a part of many procedures we perform, from pet operations to pet dentistry and spay/neuter procedures. Your companion animal will fall asleep for the duration of the surgery and will not feel a thing. Once your pet awakes from the anesthesia, we will call you as soon as he or she is ready to be picked up. Animals are usually able to go back home with their owners the same day of their surgery.

Pet Surgery in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

At-Home Care after the Operation

Following your pet’s procedure, our doctor and staff will answer any additional questions that you have. We will send you home with a set of post-surgery instructions to care for your dog or cat. This will include ensuring that the pet gets plenty of rest to recover as well as any special feeding or dietary instructions. It’s very likely that your pet will be prescribed a course of antibiotics to help them recover from the procedure.

We will also let you know about any potential warning signs to watch for during the recovery period. For example, if your pet stops eating or if the surgical incision site begins bleeding, we will want you to call us immediately. If all goes well, your pet will hopefully be back to full health within a matter of days or weeks.

Call Us for Pet Surgery in Ponte Vedra Beach

If your pet has a health situation that requires surgery, call our office at 904-640-8844 to schedule a prompt appointment.

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